About Ubique Technologies

Ubique Technologies is a privately owned company operating from a 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in central Alabama. As a manufacturer we strive to supply our customers with quality service and products in a cost effective way. We feel that we have the knowledge and ability to become a vital partner in our customers required processes. We utilize the concept of providing our customers with “ready to use” kits rather than raw materials which in turn allows our customer to concentrate on their main objectives. We have provided these types of kits to the marine industry, bus industry, motor vehicle industry, military mobile command industry as well as others. Most of these kits have been comprised of different types of materials from sheet stock coring materials to rolled goods coring materials. We also have provided parts for these same industries that were not coring materials, but were finished parts and assemblies derived from sheet stock by way of CNC fabrication. We have been involved in this type of work since Ubique Technologies was established in 1997.

With multiple types of CNC equipment, for fabricating material from sheet stock to flexible rolled goods, commercial table saws, band saws and many other types of equipment, we have what it takes to produce parts in an accurate and efficient manner.

Ubique Technologies is knowledgeable and capable of handling our customer accounts in a courteous and professional way. We develop working and ongoing relationships with our customers and strive to provide our customers with the level of service and quality that they expect.

Our Goal

To provide outstanding services that allow you to focus on your main objective - time - therefore allowing you to build a better product.  Our services will essentially allow productive methods to better utilize an assembly line process while at the same time opening floor space for production flow increase.  By providing usable engineered kits rather raw materials, the customer is also given the advantage of eliminating non value labor steps as well as diminishing the hassle and the expense of scrap disposal

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