Ubique Technologies Kit Development Boat In A Box Kits Core Kits


  • Reduces Your Expenses by Minimizing Waste, Time and Floor Space at Your Facility
  • Can Cut Complicated Patterns in a Fraction of the Time.
  • Ability to Easily Cut Resilient Reinforcements Like Kevlar, Core, High Density Urethane foams.
  • You Get a Precise Kit at the Highest Tolerance for an Exact Fit.
  • Contributes to Less Scrap and Reduced Disposal Costs
  • Perfect Step Towards the Infusion Process
  • Calculated and Accurate Materials Costing…You Know Exactly How Much Product Went Into Your Part and How Much It Cost You
  • Packaging Flexibility Leads to Increased Production Efficiencies…Pieces Can Be Labeled and Packaged to Prevent Confusion.


Our Goal

To provide outstanding services that allow you to focus on your main objective - time - therefore allowing you to build a better product.  Our services will essentially allow productive methods to better utilize an assembly line process while at the same time opening floor space for production flow increase.  By providing usable engineered kits rather raw materials, the customer is also given the advantage of eliminating non value labor steps as well as diminishing the hassle and the expense of scrap disposal.

Let us help improve your process!

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